Friday, January 27, 2012

Shark bite!

Can we talk vacuums for a minute, because I have been bitten by a shark? I have all hardwood floors and tile throughout my house so never thought I had much need for a vacuum....until I got a kitty last year. I've been just sweeping my rugs and my hardwoods but never feel quite satisfied even after all the floors have been swept and mopped. Sweeping just doesn't do the trick. I have been wanting the Shark steam/vac for awhile now but also was really feeling the need for a heavy duty vacuum. So began the research, customer reviews, consumer reports, etc....yes I am very anal like that. #1 on consumer reviews was a Dyson for $400+....I was immediately out on that one. #2 on the list was this guy.
It is the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV22L. Could hardly find a negative review out there. So i started psycho googling it to find the best price (in store by the way because I had to have it that day). Located it at Sears for $149. Brought it home, used it, best $149 I've spent in a long time. This thing is amazing. You may be saying, 'is she really going on like this about a vacuum?' and yes, i really am. Love that I can use on my rugs and hardwoods. Also has the pet brush attachment which is wonderful! I just had to share in the hopes that I will save somebody else who needs one from having to do all the research. 
FYI...if you have tons of carpet and a really big house this might not be the vacuum for you. It has a very small base. 
Happy Vacuuming!

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