Friday, November 18, 2011

Kitchen Details

I've had several questions about my kitchen colors since Better After featured it earlier this week. 
One thing I did not splurge on in this kitchen was cabinets. I got bids from cabinet stores on pre-fab cabinets that were already painted white and also custom cabinet makers. They were all well out of my budget and i felt that with paint, I could transform any cabinets to get the look I was going for. I ended up finding these cabinets at a local home-store a few notches down from your Home Depot or Lowes for very cheap. They weren't necessarily paint grade cabinets because they were oak. So I had my contractors sand and paint, sand and paint, sand and paint. The color of the cabinets, trim and crown moulding is 
They sprayed several light coats but wound up finishing off with a brush. The kitchen is such a small space that it made spraying in there difficult.

The outside door and the pantry door are Martha Stewart Tidewater.
I had seen this color on another blog and glad I did because the swatch is deceiving. It almost looks like a muted green on the swatch. But on the doors it's the most perfect color of ocean blue-green. 
Granite is Giallo Ornamental.

Thank you for all of the interest and comments!


  1. Your kitchen is so wonderful! You have a keen eye for good color combination. It looks spacious and comfortable to work with. And I also love your cabinets – it’s good for keeping things!

    Darryl Margulies

  2. Are you happy with the white dove? I am in "white paint paralysis" right now... Decorator's White, Super White, Briliant White, White Dove, Chantily Lace, ahhhhhhhhh!

    We have oak cabinets that we are FINALLY painting. Would love to hear your thoughts.