Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Owl Transformed

Have y'all seen these at Anthro?
Well, I'm just pretty much obsessed. I love the colors and couldn't get over how amazing it would look in my kitchen with my colors. But OUCH...$128! I'm on a budget right now so that wasn't going to happen.
So I went home sulking...only to remember that I had this.

I had already started painting him when I remembered to take the dang picture. His back side is also what his front side looked like. 
I decided to do my own version of the Anthro cookie jar owl. I already had all of the paint colors to match and my Mr. Owl needed some color in his life. 
Here he is now.

This is the shelf he lives on-

And this is how good his colors blend in with the rest of the kitchen-

He's not quite as cool as the Anthro owl but he will suffice for now, especially since I don't need a jar full of cookies in my kitchen anyway. :-)


  1. It is adorable! I love Anthro too but $128 for a canister is insane....It looks so cute on your shelf.

  2. We love owls!! So cute, saw it at anthro and wanted it!! Yours is way cuter!

  3. UGH I wish I wasn't on an owl ban. Love him.