Monday, November 21, 2011

Triumph and Tragedy in AR

Thanks to the win over MS State on Saturday and all of the upsets that took place we made our way up to #3 in the BCS. We are some proud HOG fans right now! But this doesn't go without recognizing a huge loss to the Razorback nation Sunday morning when we lost one of our own. Prayers go out to Garrett Uekman's family and the entire Razorback program. 


Later this week, the HOGS will get a chance to play their hearts out for a shot to go to the SEC championship and possibly the National Championship game at least in one of several scenarios. 
This will be a game for the team, the fans and most of all Garrett Uekman. I'm honored to be one of the many Razorback fans that will be in the stands this Friday at Tiger Stadium cheering on the HOGS til the very last play. 
Wooooo Pig Soooooooie!!

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