Thursday, November 17, 2011

To Paint or Not to Paint?!?

I need some help on this one. There is a small portion of exposed brick in my living area. This used to be part of the outside of the home before they added on the living room some years ago. I've been considering painting it white since I bought the house a few years ago because the brick color doesn't really fit into my cottage color scheme I'm trying to achieve but I haven't quite been able to pull the trigger. I think I'm afraid of messing it up and it looking terrible. Take a look and give me some feedback. Keep in mind that I'm going to paint all of my walls antique white in the near future and I'm planning to change out the stair railing at some point as well...just not sure quite what yet. 

Paint or leave it alone?


  1. Im on the fence. I am leaning toward not though! Maybe you could get a really cute antique iron railing and you would like it better. -Holly

  2. If you haven't painted it, try a white-wash, and use a wire brush to reveal some of the original brick. There's no wrong or right, but how the brick fits into your room scheme.

  3. Yeah, I had the same problem with my place but later painted my wall with white color because I was getting white painted furniture as well that's why I got my wall and furniture both white. I believe white can really make any place really calm and relaxed. Thanks for sharing this at least I could recollect some of my moments.