Monday, October 24, 2011

Bathroom Renovation

I shared my Kitchen Renovation a few weeks ago. I actually had my bathroom renovated at the same time as the kitchen. This bathroom used to be accessible through the master bedroom and the kitchen...which I always found awkward entering the bathroom through the kitchen. So I decided to close off that entrance and make it only accessible through the master bedroom. It was a great decision as it created more wall space to work with and really made the space look bigger. Take a look at the before pics and brace yourself for the brown explosion:
 This is door into master bedroom
 The shower had no light and only one glass door so it was basically a dark shower which made shaving very difficult. Also, had a ceiling about 6ft. up so anybody any taller than my 5'3" self couldn't really get in there. 
 You can barely see the entrance to kitchen here. The vanity door is open because it wouldn't shut....EVER. 
 The stuff on the walls was like a cork wallpaper on top and plastic tiles on bottom.
I never used this bathroom, which was unfortunate because it was supposed to be the master bath. So it only made sense to re-create it when I did the kitchen.
Here is the 'almost' finished project:
 The glass for the shower is ordered. The left side will be glass wall and right side a glass door.
 The vanity is against the newly closed in wall. Toilet stayed in same place and so did shower. I toyed around with the idea of taking vanity all the way across that wall but since it was such a small space, I chickened out thinking it might make the space look even smaller. I'm glad I went with a smaller one.

 I lucked into having an extra piece of granite from the kitchen leftover that fit perfect on vanity. Wall paint color is Alaskan Husky-Benjamin Moore and the white is White Dove-Benjamin Moore.

As you can see, I had the previous shower ceiling knocked out and took the shower all the way to the bathroom ceiling. I decided to run the subway tile all the way to the ceiling but the glass won't go that high. I'm really excited to take a shower in this Jessie. I will re-post when the glass is installed to show you the finished product. 

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